1. Question: How do I submit a Classified?
Answer: Click the Start Listing Icon on the top of any page of the website. Submit your information and you're done. You will receive a confirmation email (the email you submitted) that your Classified has been received.

2. Question: How long does it take for my Classified to show up on Heres My Gear?
Answer: Sometimes it only takes minutes and sometimes it can take up to 24 hours. If your Classified doesn't show up in 24 hours from when you submitted it, please use the Contact Form on Heres My Gear so we can help!

3. Question: How do I change or delete my Classified?
Answer: Click on the Change my Listing Icon on the top of all pages and submit the required info and you're done. If your Classified isn't changed or deleted (per your request) within 48 hours, please us the Contact Form on Heres My Gear so we can help!

4. Question: How do interested parties contact Me on my Classified?
Answer: You can put whatever contact information in the "Description" box that you would like. OR, you don't have to put contact information in the description box; a "Contact Me" link will automatically populate in the "Description" box for your Classified. When an interested party clicks the "Contact Me" Box, it will allow the interested party to see your email address and email you at the email address you submitted in the Classified Submission Form.

5. Question: What if I'm interested in Advertising with Heres My Gear?
Answer: Click the Information Center Icon on the top of every page and click "Advertise." Fill out the Contact Box on the Advertise page and someone from Heres My Gear will contact you to explore different Advertising options.

6. Question: Is Heres My Gear really free for Me to place a Classified?
Answer: YES, YES and YES!

7. Question: How old must you be to use Heres My Gear?
Answer: As outlined in the Terms of Use, you must be at least 18 years old.

8. Question: How often to the Pro's give FREE Tips?
Answer: Depending on the Pro, it's Weekly to Monthly.

9. Question: What is Heres My Gear passionate about?
Answer: Heres My Gear is passionate about creating awareness on the Outdoors, Supporting our Troops & Veterans and getting more people engaged in the Outdoors!!!!!

10. Queston: How does Heres My Gear give back to Community?
Answer: Heres My Gear is proud to partner with various Non-Profit Organizations. HMG's main Non-Profit partner is Simply Outdoor Experiences, we work together to Support our Troops & Veterans and get more Youth engaged in the Outdoors!

11. What are Contest Rules for Heres My Gear - Wing N Fin Resort/Guiding Fishing Trip?
Answer: To enter, you must post an appropriate Free Outdoor Classified on Heres My Gear. Heres My Gear reserves the right to deem appropriate classifieds and follow the Terms of Use on this website. Must be 18 and over to win. Dates of Resort Stay and Guiding Fishing Trip will be an agreement between: Heres My Gear, Wing N Fin Resor, Wheaton Service & the lucky winner! All listings to enter this contest must be submitted from June 22 to July 31. The lucky winner will get free lodging for 2 nights/3days and a 4 hour guided fishing trip. Travel to/from Wing N Fin Resort is the responsiblity of the lucky winner.
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