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 Week of October 27, 2014

"When I am choosing areas to hang bow hunting tree stands, I always look for a cluster of trees or a grouping of trees to hang my stand. The idea is to keep from being "silhouetted" against the sky.Many archers and gun hunters place their stands against a single tree which is just too obvious to approaching deer. Place that stand in the crotch of at least two trees or even three trees is better. The more you are imbedded within a group of trees the better your chances of success!"

Steve Carney



Hunting and Fishing Resume:   We've combined Steve's profile because of his vass experience of hunting and fishing all over the United States.  Steve has professionally guided for 30+ years in the Midwest;  just depends on the season what Steve will be doing in the Outdoors.    He writes for multiple publications in the Midwest and hosts a Saturday afternoon Outdoors show on CBS Radio WCCO 830am.   Already endorsed by industry recognized brands,  what a nice fit for the team!

Favorite Trip:  What an enthusiast,  every trip is special!

Steve Carney - ProStaff