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BioGold Gun Solvent

BioGold Gun Solvent
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Seven Valleys, PA

Our solvents are superior in:

o Lubrication
o Rust Removal
o Rust Prevention
o Carbon Removal
o Lead & Copper Removal
o Black Powder Removal

BioGold is a bio-based solvent and lubricant made from highly refined vegetable oils and is 100% safe.

BioGold has been rigorously tested and approved by many gun owners, collectors and gunsmiths.

BioGold has superior stability that prevents oxidation or rancidity during long storage as compared to typical chemical based solvents that will evaporate over time even while sealed in their original container.

BioGold is also good for many other uses including general solvent needs, parts cleaning, degreasing and an industrial hand cleaner.

BioGold Gun Solvent
BioGold Gun Solvent
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