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Pleasant Hill, CA

Urge2Hunt – Spring Specials for 2015
All hunts below offer access to a guaranteed tag (landowner, outfitter or over the counter) so you know you’ll be hunting this year without worrying about drawing a tag. Hunts are booking extremely fast this year so call us asap to reserve your dates.
Mule Deer
Utah – 5 days unguided on private ranch, includes CWMU landowner tag, Sept/Oct season - $4,995
Utah – 6 days archery, all-inclusive archery rut hunt on private land near Vernal, in Nov. - $4,500
Wyoming – Guided private land hunt in Oct. with high success near Casper, can add antelope - $3,995
Oregon – Drop camp for 2 hunters, Beatty’s Butte and Steen’s Mtn., can hunt the entire season in October, camp inc tents, stove, utensils, etc and best places to hunt - $3,500 - $3,995
Nebraska – 6 day private land archery hunt in best mule deer area in SW part of state with otc tags, hunt Oct – Nov rut, 4,000 acre ranch has sandhills, crops and year round creek - $2,995
Arizona – 5 day guided archery hunt near Prescott for big muleys, private and public land hunt in Dec/Jan rut, can add javelina in Jan, very fun hunt with lots of animals - $2,995

Bull Elk
New Mexico – Fully guided archery rut hunt on private property near in Unit 81. 100% shot opportunity the last few years, includes landowner tag on this 6 day hunt. Season is Sept 1-30 - $4,500
Oregon – Drop camp fully outfitted with elk voucher in Starkey Unit, 5 days (Oct 28-Nov 1) - $3,250
Idaho – 5 day unguided archery hunt on private 10,000 acre ranch near Lava Hot Springs in Sept - $3,750
Utah – Fully guided on the Book Cliffs near Price on large private ranch, need 3 hunters together and tags are otc, any 5 hunt days in Oct 8-15, 100% shot opp the last few years on good bulls - $7,900

Cow Elk
Utah - 5 day semi-guided hunt on 6,000 acres of private land near Moab in Oct, - $1,495 per person and includes the voucher.

Nebraska – Semi-guided on 4,000 acres of private corn and wheat with blinds in place, archery only from Oct 1 – Nov 8, nearest town is Imperial for food/lodging, tags otc - $2,250
Oklahoma – Semi-guided 5 day hunt on 14,000 acre property in SW Oklahoma from blinds and stands . There are big bucks on this ranch with a 160+ a real possibility. Tags are over the counter and meals and lodging are included. Archery - $2,995, Rifle - $3,950
NE Oregon – Private land hunt with voucher on crop lands with guide, archery/muzzle or rifle, Aug – Dec rut dates available - $2,500 - 2,995

Wyoming – Guided hunt near Casper with Sept/Oct dates , very fun hunt for good bucks - $1,795
Nevada – Landowner tags with private land alfalfa, rifle and bow seasons - $3,500

Moose / Caribou
Alaska – Air taxi will drop you in best hunt area with your gear, moose and caribou tags are over the counter and season is Sept/Oct, caribou 7 days - $3,250, moose 8-10 days - $3,995

Black Bear
Alberta – All inclusive Spring hunt for 2 bears and a free wolf, this hunt includes guide, meals, lodging, bear tags/license and tax, most bears are color phase here with 100% shot opportunity, hunt dates are in May – only $3,995

California – 2 day hunt on 3,000+ acre ranch in Central California on free ranging buffalo. Hunt includes field dressing and delivery to your vehicle or local butcher. Cow - $2,500, Trophy bull - $4,500.

More Hunts and Adventures
Texas – All exotics with great hospitality on private land.
Alaska – Brown bear, guided/drop hunt caribou, moose and salmon/halibut fishing
Alberta – duck/goose hunting, whitetail, black bear and more.
Mexico – Giant mule deer, javelin, ducks and doves.
New Zealand – Red stag, fallow deer, tahr and chamois
Argentina – Dove, pigeons, ducks and red stag
Africa – We offer hunts in most African countries with a highly respected outfitter for all species.
Asia – Kamchatka bear/moose, ibex, tur, sheep and sika deer

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