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Gun Mouse Bore Cleaners

Gun Mouse Bore Cleaners
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(651) 428-8183
South Saint Paul, MN

We are the manufacture of Gun Mouse Bore Cleaner LLC. We believe we have the best pull through bore cleaner on the market. Yes. There is the Boresnake leading the way since dinosaurs. Some say we are like the Boresnake, but they are mistaken in fact the only thing in common is that we are a pull through cleaner. Here is our benefits.

.1) Always be a nice firm pull all the way through the bore.

.2) We designed it round in shape so it leaves no void in the bore. Filling it completely missing nothing.

.3) Built strong with a 550 Paracord cord.

.4) The material is a Nylon made special for us. Which grabs and holds onto the debris & fouling not allowing it to slip by. Very durable making it last a long time.

.5) Made in the USA (ALWAYS)

.6) Use nothing on it (run dry) It polishes the bore and removes surface rust (but not pitted)

.7) It cleans up very easy. Hot water & dish soap. If oil or solutions are used on it we recommend Dawn dish soap. (Breaks down the oils leaving the mouse looking new.)

.8) Any oil or solvents can be used on them.

.9) You can use the back end of the Mouse to get in the breech & crevices of gun. (No other can do this)

.10) You will use a lot less chemicals because the special designed material will spread it a lot further.

.11) Gun Mouse comes in a plastic tube carrier to protect your case from any chemical smell….plus easy carry in the field.

.12) We have our own Pro-Staff Aaron Willoughby. You can see him on our website.

.13) No need for brass brush. Ours does the job without it. No more brass wearing out or scratching the inside of the bore.

.14) We offer 100% guarantee on all of our products and stand behind them.

.15) We have Trademarked & hold the provisional patient.

.16) A promise from Jim & myself that our Customer service will be superior.

Gun Mouse Bore Cleaners
Gun Mouse Bore Cleaners
Gun Mouse Bore Cleaners
Gun Mouse Bore Cleaners
Gun Mouse Bore Cleaners
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